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On my journey from shy, socially anxious, kid…
to depressed, awkward, hating myself teen…
through repressing myself emotionally, trying to escape from the weight of my thoughts, alcohol and drug-fuelled young adult…
to happy, peaceful, loving, content, somewhat leader on mental health matters these days…

I’ve learned some stuff about anxiety.

I’ve condensed the process down into 6 steps and detailed it in this article so that you can greatly reduce your anxiety right now, in this moment.

As you practice, you’ll start to let go of this stuff that is overwhelming you right now. …

We take in, and are affected by everything we’re exposed to via our five senses.

We’re also affected energetically by vibrations within each of us. The world and universal sources that we can’t sense with the five senses, are picked up via intuition and feelings.

Not easily measured, but science is starting to be able to detect this too.

When we’re exposed to negativity we pick it up consciously and sub-consciously (without our awareness) and we process it according to our programming.

We’re also creating new neural pathways in the brain all the time and creating new programs from our…

I believe in the practice of positivity.

Positivity is not something you’re born with, you’re not a ‘positive person’ or a ‘negative person’.

I believe that by focusing on positivity, gratitude, creativity and the good all around us… we can live a better and happier life and navigate all the problems that come our way.

I believe in the ‘glass half full’ mindset.

And I believe that at our deepest inner-self…
our true essence…
in that deep place within us…
exists the universal power, creativity and love.

And love is always a creative energy.

Challenges will always come along but…

You’ve heard of the ‘fight or flight’ response, right? This is the way our early ancestors protected themselves from threats of death, it is part of our ancient make-up and hard-wired into the part of the brain that developed earliest.

In our modern times, it is very unlikely that we will encounter threats like our ancestors but we still operate under this response. We perceive danger and therefore we feel threatened: be that by angry people, money worries, health issues or whatever.

And by constantly living in fear and thinking about threats,
they build,
and become even more real,

In my past, I did a lot of suppressing and running away from my feelings. As a boy and a young man I didn’t feel safe to express my emotions for whatever reason. Could be I didn’t see any men around me doing it or I felt like I wasn’t strong if I cried or expressed my feelings.

Regardless, I was scared a lot of the time and I held back. The more I held back the more scared I got.

I had a lot of anxiety build over the years and the more that built, the less safe I…

I have found that mental health is just like physical health. (Although often we see mental and physical health as separate, they’re both completely interdependent on each other.)

Through learning and practice we can strengthen our health in all areas.

Accepting that your mental health is in a bad place is the beginning to making changes in your life to improve it.

Awareness is key to making changes.

So is acceptance.

It’s okay.

When we stop running from our own thoughts, we take their power away.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you feel anxious, depressed, scared, suicidal.

It’s the starting…

We have the choice in each moment on how we speak.

Often-times our habitual pattern is to speak without conscious thought. This can sometimes be enjoyable, creative and flowing. But usually (especially if we’re in a place of lacking something or tiredness, unhappiness, anxiety, anger) our unconscious speech is negative, complaining or blaming another person.

This sort of speech is very damaging to relationships and to your own self-esteem. It’s another area we can feel out-of-control in our lives and when we feel like we say stuff and ‘put our foot in it’ we can often spend hours, days or…

As well as looking for established teachers and leaders in your chosen field, connect with anybody and everybody who shares your values and goals and is on a similar personal growth path to you.

You can help them, while they help you to grow, and by doing so establish supportive friendships.

There are always people further along the path who are happy to share their wisdom with you, you just have to ask. People love to help others, especially when they’ve worked hard to earn their progress. So don’t be shy about asking.

Also, you have plenty to offer others…

If your goals are to be more calm, happy and joyful do you think you’ll get more of it in your life by connecting with people who are stressed, angry, unhappy, depressed and anxious?

No, of course not.

Be aware of the level of influence these people have upon you.

We are massively influenced by the people we spend our most time with.

When we’re already emotionally vulnerable we’re even more susceptible to their influence.

Remember though — you always have a choice.

Decide who you want to be.

Set your boundaries. And choose to protect your mental health and…

At certain periods of our lives we enter into reflection, and it’s at these times we gain great insight in the things that we want more of, less of and ways we want to change in some way.

As we recognise the two truths:

everything changes, nothing stays the same and all things are impermanent

we have a large amount of power/control of the direction our life takes and we can choose how we react to all things that come our way

we can become greater and more skilful in the way we live. By being more skilful and mindful…

David Furnevall

I share words with love, calm, consciousness, divinity, personal growth & social change as my guide | I’m a #MentalHealthCoach too

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